PINGI Re-Chargable Dehumidifier



PINGI Re-Chargable Dehumidifier

Pingi is a revolutionary new way to get rid of excess moisture in smaller spaces. It lowers the relative humidity of the surrounding area and fights musty odors and mildew. Unlike other dehumidifying products, Pingi products can be recharged and reused many times. Pingi’s patented moisture indicator lets you know when it is time to recharge, then simply place in the microwave for 3 to 12-minutes
and it’s ready to go again. Pingi is kid safe, pet safe, and good for the environment.

Small = 200 Cubic Feet (Drawers & Cupboards)

Medium = 350 Cubic Feet (Storage Boxes & Pantries)

Large = 900 Cubic Feet (Closets, Cars & Boats)

Penguin = 350 Cubic Feet (Anywhere!)


BOAT DEHUMIDIFIER from Cape Hatteras Marine