Odeo Flare EF-10A-1



Odeo Flare EF-10A-1

Your friend has asked you to crew with him on his sailing boat from Gibraltar to the Canneries. Of course you clear your work schedule to make this happen. Just remember to take the EF-10A-1 with you. Attach it to your PFD and at sea you will be highly visible for rescue, just in case an accidental man overboard happens.

The EF-10A-1 Electronic Flare "Lightning" is a personal distress signal device that is the brightest hand held Omni Directional LED Strobe on the market. On land or sea in any activity you will be highly visible at the push of a button. This Brilliant Electronic Signal Technology produces 640,000 life saving flashes on two CR 123 Lithium Batteries. This product produced the highest light output of all Electronic Visual Distress Signal Devices tested according to a recent US Coast Guard Report. There are no hazards, sparks, flames, chemicals or smoke. There are no airline, cruise ship, or ferry travel restrictions. The compact size allows you to have it with you in your pocket, purse, or carry on bag. Unlike flashlights, the EF-10A Lightning does not have to be aimed at an observer. Boaters, kayakers and drivers report that in the fog or bad weather it is very effective in alerting oncoming traffic to your position.

ODEO FLARE from Cape Hatteras Marine