Chafe-Pro® Wooly



Chafe-Pro® Wooly 

The Wooly prevents fender and dock lines from scuffing paint or gel coat finishes on yachts. Designed to withstand the harshest of marine environments, The Wooly is made from the highest quality New Zealand sheep skins. Installing is quick and easy. The Wooly can be installed or removed from a line in a matter of seconds. Don’t worry about slipping out of place, the Wooly binds securely to the line. Designed to match the elegance of the yachts it protects, the Wooly ensures that your yacht will have that “ship shape” look because it will not trap sand or grit within it!


The Wooly fits lines 3/8” – 1½” in diameter. Custom units are also available.  The Wooly comes in two different colors – white and black


Chafe-Pro® Wooly from Cape Hatteras Marine