Floating Binoculars




This model is for the boaters who do not need a compass inside the binoculars

  • As light as 1.6 pound, these binoculars float on water.
  • Instant focus helps boaters to find the target quickly and easily with only one hand holding.
  • With gas filled, there is no moisture inside and the lenses will not get fogged up when the temperature changes from a warm cabin to a cold area outside.
  • Complete sealed body makes it water proof.
  • 7 power with a big view as wide as 396ft at 1000yds makes it more stable than other hand-held binoculars.
  • High quality BAK4 prisms gathering much light enable users to see in dim light.
  • Adjustable eye cups enable users to use with glasses on.
  • Comes with carrying case, lens covers and padded strap.


FLOATING BINOCULARS from Cape Hatteras Marine