Odeo Flare M3 LED



Odeo Flare M3 LED


No flames, No fires, No Restrictions and No Worries.

Our High-Intensity LED Electronic Signal Flares have been tested on land, water, in the air on drones, and UAV's. They provide "Brilliant" light flashes that easily locatable over 5 miles away. 

On the news lately there are sailors in bad weather, missing airliners, sinking ferries, floods, wildfires, tornado's and huricanes. I believe it makes perfect sense for you to have an electronic visual distress signal in your home, car, or pocket that someone can actually see. 

NOTICE: There are no restrictions to carry your personal Electronic Signal Device on any airline, cruise ship, or public transportation.

Our products are guaranteed to reduce the risk of you not being found.

Available in two styles.


2014 ODEO FLARE Mk 3 Promo from Champagne Film on Vimeo.