Seahorse Boat Fenders



The Seahorse boasts excellent protection, and comes in two sizes designed to fit your boat, 7 1/2 x22" and 9×26.″ It’s unique design allows for high quality protection, while giving you a stable and reliable platform. With the locking and stackable configurations that the Seahorse offers, you can extend the length of your fenders to accommodate rafting, such as with the high railing design of a pontoon boat. The Seahorse fender will provide you with peace of mind unlike any other boat bumper; keeping their boat safe for years to come.


The Seahorse boat fender’s design features several different setups depending on your needs. Split your Seahorse and strap it to the piling for vertical protection, or keep as a whole for traditional use. For both piling use and rafting purposes, your fenders can be lengthened to meet your individual needs. Enjoy the functionality of increased vertical coverage while only taking up the space of a traditional fender.


SEAHORSE BOAT FENDERS from Cape Hatteras Marine